No, I am not yet done having fun humanizing the statues at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Here are three more slightly offbeat notions:

First, our sweet little putto (the singular of putti) is quite a serious little child. He seemed to want to be portrayed in a classic black and white style to bring out his saintly aspect. But I also have visions of him being a celestial charmer with some lighter duties, like helping out by shooting arrows on St. Valentine’s Day.

Putto 1

The second statue’s pose made me laugh. The goddess seems quite worried that someone might watch her getting out of the shower. Therefore I snapped her like I was a voyeur with a cheap undercover camera, almost like through a keyhole.

Believe it or not, voyeur photography is a distinct and popular style of photography. A perennial question is at what point voyeurism crosses a privacy line. I think I may have gone over the line a bit.

Who is there lady

Finally, the last statue amuses me every time I look at it. It is supposed to be a saint, but it’s a saint with the soul of a stern librarian. Look at that pursed mouth and scolding look. Can’t you just imagine her as a terror of a librarian behind the counter making sure you returned your books on time when you were a kid?  I am sure she would rather cut off her left arm than damage a book, and look, she did exactly that.

Unfortunately I get no religious feelings from this image, just a bit of a giggle. But I do enjoy the lovely portrayal of the statue’s S-curve body and softly draped gown.

Librarian saint

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