I just got back from a summertime trip to see family in Lancaster County, PA. I normally like to take outdoor photos while there, but with the corn at 6’ high, driving down local roads was like driving through a tunnel. In open spaces the heat and humidity made the views very hazy.

That meant it was time to photograph the quilt shop at Shady Maple Gift Shop, plus make a quick visit to Good’s Store. Definitely check out both if you’re ever near rural East Earl, which is west of Philadelphia.

The quilt shop is run by Family Farm Handcrafts. It is located in just a small corner of the spacious Shady Maple Gift Shop. The quilts are all locally made and I’m sure the owners personally know all of the quilt makers.

Shady quilt shop enter

They have big quilts:

Shady vertical quilts

They have little quilts:

Shady small quilts

And they have handmade items:

Shady dolls

You can see a selection of quilts and many handcrafts on their website http://www.familyfarmhandcrafts.com.

The clerk told me that the most popular quilt designs are Lone Star and Log Cabin. The most popular color currently is teal, but that changes depending on fashion. Traditional dark colors are perennial best sellers.

I have to say that I have seen many designs and color combinations go in and out of style. I would choose a traditional pattern made in traditional dark colors if I bought or made a quilt now. That quilt will be in style for a lifetime.

When you have finished in the quilt area, be sure to appreciate the gift shop’s handmade wooden items:

Shady furniture

A stop in the jams and jellies area is fun too:

Shady jams

If you think you might want to make your own quilt, just walk across the parking lot to Good’s Store and select your supplies:

Shady Goods fabric

Finally, check out the wooden toys at Good’s. I grew up with wooden trucks and marble rollers, and can never resist peeking at the selection and remembering how much fun we had:

Shady Goods toys