A stay at the beach always goes by so fast that it’s hard to recall where the time went. It’s a whirlwind of beach time, meals and a bit of souvenir shopping.

Fortunately, photos bring back the memory of relaxing beach scenes, hypnotic ocean waves and casual chats.

I’ve been to Myrtle Beach to take photos three times now, so it’s a little more difficult to take pics that are not duplicates of what I’ve already done. I did find some interesting shots.

We stayed at the same hotel I’ve stayed at before, but this time we were on the 19th floor. We never quite got over being giddy every time we walked along the outside hallway to our room. Even looking over the edge of our balcony was a little scary:

Myrtle Beach 19th floor

The 19th floor was great for a new perspective on beach photos:

Myrtle Beach vertical view

I boosted the color and used posterize for this cheerful sunny photo:

Myrtle Beach red flag poster

The boardwalk has surprisingly sinuous curves:

Myrtle Beach boardwalk

I like the effect of HDR-ish in this very horizontal photo:

Myrtle Beach horizontal w grasses