Myrtle Beach hello

We had a good time on our trip to Myrtle Beach! I took this photo showing my three traveling companions waving hello. The background shows Pier 14 and the SkyWheel.

We had cloudy weather most days, which was great for keeping the heat down and lessening sunburn. But most of my photos are similar to the bottom unedited photo, full of dull colors and faces hidden behind hat shadows.

I knew I would not get a perfect photo when I started editing, but at least you can recognize people’s faces now. The background is colorful and interesting, with a nice composition.

Here are the photo editing steps I used in Picasa:

  • Straighten, to keep the ocean from sloshing to one side
  • Crop, for better composition
  • Tuning, to adjust the lighting and shadows
  • I’m feeling lucky, which I often try but which hardly ever is helpful
  • Graduated tint, to minimize the glaring sky
  • Sharpen, which brings out details in the photo
  • Saturation, to make colors brighter
  • HDR-ish, which really brightened and clarified the photo
  • Museum matte, to frame the photo
  • Auto-contrast at different points, which helped me stay on track with editing

Next blog post: more Myrtle Beach photos!

Myrtle Beach hello original 700