No, it’s not really cosmic but that word takes me back to my 1960s-70s youth, as in “Oh wow, cosmic!” That’s how much fun playing with Picasa is – it’s cosmic, man.

This time I decided to see how much fun I could have limiting myself to black and white, plus using any editing features that I liked beyond my typical lighting and cropping fixes. It turns out that I frequently use the extremely versatile comic book function, and often use posterize too.

The first photo shows how useful comic book can be to bring out details in a photo. It makes fine lines thicker, and like most Picasa features, you can adjust how strongly you use it. I used sharpen first to make the lines really stand out.

Comic book wall

For the beach photo below, I used the maximum amount of comic book for an abstract effect.

Comic book beach

The birds below are enhanced by comic book and graduated tint, with a smoky vignette at the border. You can see that comic book tends to leave dark patches around your subjects, which can leave a lumpy look that you usually want to minimize.

Comic book birds with graduated tint

Comic book again emphasizes building details below.

Comic book Paris

Try using comic book twice, sometimes it can combine with strong contrast to create a very interesting, misty look.

Comic book trees

Comic book will leave a background of dots or similar patterns unless you minimize that part of it. I don’t normally like the dots much but left them in the next two photos as examples.

Comic book Phila City Hall

Comic book stone wall

Posterize can combine with comic book for a lovely, almost painterly effect.

Comic book bridge with posterize

Posterize with comic book gave a graphic effect below.

Comic book ceiling with posterize

This is an honorary black and white photo, since it was mostly gray already. I didn’t want to give up the slight bluish tinge and red circles, nor the warm headlight color that sets off the cooler colors. It also uses both comic book and posterize. My cosmic favorite of the group!

Comic book train 1