I stopped by the newest bookstore in Raleigh last weekend, a used bookstore called Dog-Eared Books. It has the seemingly easy address of 4027 Atlantic Avenue in Raleigh. But not as simple as it seems!

First you have to make sure you’re there on the right days (Fridays and Saturdays only) and then you have to find the place. There is a small sign…and this is the parking lot after you turn around and come back:

Dog eared books parking lot

What?! Where is this store?

You’re at the right place, keep going…

Dog eared books entrance

Congratulations, you’ve done the hard work, now come on in. Stephanie and Caitlynne run Dog-Eared Books. This is Stephanie at the front counter, which is cleverly constructed from hardback books:

Dog eared books Stephanie

There are even a few dogs at Dog-Eared Books, River and Rory. The pups are camera shy and I got only one photo of unhappy River.

Dog eared books dog

It is a really great used bookstore! It is clean, well-stocked and well–organized, until it is emptied during its two open days. Then it is set up again for the next Friday and Saturday.

Stephanie said the store is open only two days a week because they spend all week filling online orders. In fact, Amazon generates more than half of their business. I find it a little ironic that the gigantic behemoth of Amazon allows a small local business to thrive. They just celebrated their second anniversary.

I have some photos below to whet appetites of all used book fans, but obviously the space is larger than it looks in them. Be sure to call before heading there on holiday weekends. Have fun whether in person or online.

Dog eared books shelves 1

(That is not a ghostly face below, just someone browsing, LOL)

Dog eared books shelves 2

Dog eared books shelves 3