You just never know what you will find in your travels…

My neighbor and I went on a little tour of the back roads just north of Raleigh and came across a little shop called “When Pigz Fly”. It’s been around about ten years and features pieces from local artists.

What a fun place! Lots of unique and colorful handmade items. Unfortunately it was a dark and rainy day when we stopped, but I did take some photos. I adjusted the brightness and colors as best I could with Picasa.

The photos are below, in no particular order, so you can enjoy the shop vicariously.

Check out the pigz at:

When Pigz Fly 3 dogs

When Pigz Fly entrance

When Pigz Fly paintings

When Pigz Fly pink snail

When Pigz Fly skulls and beach dishes

When Pigz Fly skulls big chicken

When Pigz Fly table items