I love photos with lots of texture. However, I find they tend to have more subtlety and less immediate interest than other shots. That means I usually choose bolder photos for Picasa World.

It’s time to celebrate these photos! I added them below, in a random vertical row.

I came across an article stating there are specific people who respond to texture in a photo:

“In photos that contain subtle textures, people differ in whether they notice and how they react to them. Those with “kinesthetic” sensitivities – who are highly tuned to bodily sensations – respond more readily.”


I must be a kinesthetic person – I always find texture to be satisfying, whether in real life or in photos.

Look at the photos below and notice the textures. You can decide if you are also a kinesthetic person.

Texture brickwork

Texture building

Texture fall trees

Texture leaves

Texture log cabin

Texture pavement

Texture plant

Texture siding

Texture steps

Texture toy trains

Texture water plant.JPG