alaska river in white and colors

Sometimes a photo is like a shy little puppy; you have to coax it, play with it and tell it what a good puppy it is until it starts to warm to you.

This photo falls into that category.

I took the original photo, at the bottom, during my much enjoyed 2006 cruise to Alaska. I was at Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia. This photo was taken looking out into a river at the very back of the gardens.

We didn’t get there until late afternoon, so many of my photos are a little dark and lacking in color. No matter – if you have at least one or two interesting items in the photo you can often cajole a decent picture from it. Or at least one that made experimenting lots of fun.

I used much patience plus these Picasa steps: auto-contrast, cropping, HDR-ish, comic book, saturation, vignette, graduated tint, border.

The finished photo above ended up rather small in size, only 552×401 pixels, but I like the pale and delicate yet boldly highlighted look.

alaska river in white and colors original