Aloe and poppies small

Look at my original photo below – so awkward! I loved the colors and shapes, but the plants were obviously on the edge of a parking lot plus had lots of brown on the bottom. The entire arrangement needed some serious work.

I liked the combination of aloe and poppies, and wondered if it was deliberately chosen for the healing and pain relieving combination. It seemed like a very thoughtful grouping.

The editing took a lot of experimentation and time. In other words, my favorite idea of fun.

The Picasa effects I ended up using include crop, tuning, auto contrast, Orton-ish, glow, focal b&w, and border.

I like the final photo so much that I added it to my photos for sale at Fine Art America:

Yes, I need to spend more time updating my inventory there, I just never seem to get around to it. It’s on my list!

Aloe and poppies small original