Since I discovered the fun of taking and then editing beach sunset photos, you knew there would be more Myrtle Beach photos coming. And here they are. I didn’t even take these on my camera, they are from my phone.

I like the abstractness of the first photo and its pale ethereal effect. The Picasa steps are crop, auto contrast, saturation, comic book, a pale vignette, and drop shadow.

Myrtle Beach sunset variation 1

I like the photo below because the aqua sky and flattened colors makes it look like it’s a photo from another planet, perhaps Mars. I could insert a gray alien walking moodily along the beach and it wouldn’t look out of place. Steps are straighten, auto contrast, graduated tint, tuning, posterize, color boost and border.

Myrtle Beach sunset variation 2

This dramatic photo shows dark clouds and rain moving in from the right side. I eventually got very wet because I waited too long to come in from the approaching downpour. On this photo I used a pale pink neon effect to highlight and lighten the waves. I forgot to straight the photo, then decided I liked it sloping to the right a bit. It subtly moves the viewer’s eyes to the swimmers in red. The Picasa steps are crop, tuning, saturation, neon, auto contrast and museum matte.

Myrtle Beach sunset variation 3