Myrtle Beach North sunset 3

I visited North Myrtle Beach during the last warm week of October. It was a lovely, uncrowded week of friends and relaxation.

I was surprised to find that creating colorful and interesting photos was really difficult with few people on the beach. There were no colorful umbrellas, beach towels or clothes, like the Myrtle Beach photos I posted in November 2017 and March 2016.  Instead there was lots of sea and sand.

Happily, there were some beautiful sunsets. I decided to edit the original photo below because it contains a toy-sized shrimp trawler that unexpectedly came close to shore.

These Picasa editing features combine to make a colorful pic: saturation, Lomo-ish, soft focus, tuning, straighten, border, museum matte and auto contrast. All of the effects work together, but Lomo-ish and saturation produce the most visible changes.

There are so many editing possibilities to try. For instance, closer cropping combined with HDR-ish would focus on the boat. Posterize creates a more abstract effect. Warmify adds a much warmer look to the photo. It’s even fun to experiment with borders and museum mattes to create a multi-layered frame effect. So you guessed it, I will be having fun working on more beach photos.

Myrtle Beach North sunset original