One of the nice things about the North Carolina Museum of Art is that it has a collection encompassing many major art movements. I think of the museum as an art sampler that whets your appetite for more.

My favorites are below, with a quick description. I come back to these pieces every time I stop at the museum.

I love the timeless beauty of this second century Roman mosaic floor:

NCMA Roman floor mosaic

A Roman funerary steele. I find it very touching:

NCMA Roman funerary steele

Of course, there is a large collection of early Colonial artwork:

NCMA Revolutionary collection

There are several Monet paintings:

NCMA Monet painting

I appreciate the sitter’s vivacity in this Cassatt portrait:

NCMA Cassatt portrait

This religious triptych is quite beautiful and portrays the awe felt by the painter:

NCMA French ascension

And sadly, as a divorced person I relate strongly to Lipman’s Bride sculpture of broken glassware. Nothing else could describe the turmoil of a destroyed marriage so clearly:

NCMA Lipman bride