The North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) is one of my favorite places. It is a first class art museum, it is mostly free, plus it is so close to home I just need to drive down the road and turn left to get there.

NCMA also has a large grassy park area with outdoor sculptures. It is a favorite walking place for many people in the area.

The museum started in 1928 with 75 paintings, and moved to its present location in 1983. A huge new building was added in 2010 that now houses the permanent collection. The original building houses traveling exhibitions and a greatly enlarged African collection.

Photos are allowed, so on my last visit I decided to take some pictures of my favorite things. I took them on my cell phone, so you will have to visit the museum to get a really good look.

I always stop in the African exhibit first. It is so interesting and a nice contrast to the Western-style art in most of the rest of the museum.

These are Nigerian veranda posts depicting priestesses and priests, carved by Lamidi Fakeye:

NCMA African columns

Kente cloth from Ghana:

NCMA Kente cloth

This huge contemporary piece is by El Anatsui, a Ghana artist working in Nigeria:

NCMA large Ghana art piece

The artist uses metal and wire remnants to complete the hanging sculpture. You have to go in close to see the amazing details:

NCMA art piece closeup

This photo shows the side of the entrance to the main building. You can see one of the parking lots in the distance:

NCMA silver tree

A side entrance has a Rodin sculpture garden and lily pond:

NCMA Rodin garden

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