While I was photographing sunflowers in the previous post, I also noticed “weeds” growing at the edge of the field. They were wildflowers, including daisies and cosmos with tiny flower heads.

These petite flower blooms were actually much harder to photograph than sunflowers because there was no real focal point. I ended up spending quite a bit of time figuring out how to compose and crop the images.

First I tried snapping some tiny daisies, which didn’t photograph well in the bright sunlight. I couldn’t find a way to make this photo more interesting:

Sunflower field daisies

However, when I over-edited the photo until it became abstract, I ended up with this:

Sunflower field daisies 1

I think this image would make a fabulous fabric. Maybe I can fashion it into a repeating pattern and sell it on a fabric website, like Spoonflower.

Next were some of my favorite flowers, tiny colorful cosmos. A little Orton-ish turns a group of delicate cosmos into a misty cloud of blooms:

Sunflower field cosmos 2

For a different look, I increased saturation and shadows until the cosmos appeared orange and red:

Sunflower field cosmos

I like both of these photos.

If I had taken more time to snap photos plus had a tripod, I could have tried some extreme close-ups. I am not a very patient person so this would have been a big challenge for me. I will add that type of project to my “someday” list.