We found our way from our fun ferry ride and the ferry landing to our next stop: the small town of Bath. Once again GPS saved us from getting lost out in the countryside.

We thought Bath was a nice little stop on our trip.

Bath was established in 1705 and three years later the population had increased to 50 people. The town has an interesting early history which includes the pirate Blackbeard’s arrival in 1718. Blackbeard lived as a semi-retired celebrity in Bath. However, he was killed during one last round of pirating, done in by the British Royal Navy.

The visitor center has an enjoyable Blackbeard exhibit. We were quite absorbed by the displays and information.

Bath Blackbeard exhibit

Bath Blackbeard gibbet

Bath has seven historic buildings, but it was a hot afternoon and we were ready to get to Outer Banks, so we only stopped at the Van Der Veer house. It dates from 1790. It contains exhibits also.

Bath historic house

We had a pleasant visit, but were happy to get on the road again. On to our hotel in Kill Devil Hills!

Below was our view from Route 64, after Manteo and just before turning north onto Route 12.

Outer Banks highway

And finally, the view from our hotel. The Atlantic Ocean! We were delighted to stop our journey here for a few days.

Outer Banks beach at hotel 1

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