This is the rose garden section of the arboretum. It is filled with a selection of roses, including a lot of old-fashioned shrub roses. Most roses were blooming when we visited, and the fragrance was wonderful.

Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day and it affected photo quality. The good news is that there are no pics with sharp shadows against strong sunlight, but instead, colors are dimmed by lack of sunlight.

This is where Picasa is extremely useful. I compensated by increasing fill light quite a bit, then adjusting shadows. I usually don’t change the highlights slider much at all. Then I increased saturation and finally auto-adjusted. I double checked my cropping and decided on framing.

As always, I do the best editing I can with my imperfect photos. To me that is half the fun anyway.

Arboretum rose garden 1

Arboretum rose garden 2

Arboretum rose garden 3

Arboretum rose garden 4

Arboretum rose garden 5