Produce bins 1

If you can’t get inspired at Walmart, maybe you should just stay home.

It’s true that I don’t drag my camera into Walmart, but I rarely leave without taking some photos on my phone.

The shelves of produce and merchandise are irresistible to me because I know how much fun I can have using Picasa to turn the photos into the look of illustrations.

I enjoy Target, but I don’t get inspired there like I do at Walmart. I think it’s because Target has a distinctive merchandising scheme that is very obvious throughout the store. Walmart seems to depend more on colors and arrangements of produce and merchandise.

I spent quite a bit of time experimenting with this photo and tried a lot of combinations of Picasa features to create a bold look. I used these edits: auto contrast, tuning, saturation, comic book, cross process, HDR-ish, posterize, boost, crop, and border.

Produce bins original