Banana keepers

I haven’t been traveling lately, so I have no new photos showcasing the touristy wonders of the world. However, I have been spending time at Walmart. I like to go there on occasion just to check out the sheer variety of merchandise for sale. The area that draws me the most is always the fresh produce.

My local Walmart’s vast produce section is usually perfectly organized and stocked. If there aren’t many people around I can’t resist striking a photographer’s pose and snapping a few photos on my phone.

In the original photo below, I liked the harmony of rows of bright plump bananas against equally bright but angular “banana keeper” boxes. I decided to just focus on that corner of the photo.

Now how to make the final picture more interesting? I spent quite a bit of time experimenting and ended up using all of these Picasa effects: straighten, crop, auto-contrast, tuning, sharpen, saturation, comic book, posterize, HDR-ish, a minimal brown vignette and an olive green museum matte.

I like the way the colors and shapes work together. And I had a lot of fun with the entire project.

Banana keepers original