Arches sunset glow

No, I’m not talking about the notorious and ubiquitous fast food place. I’m talking about our accidentally perfect photo timing at Arches National Park in Utah.

We had enjoyed the day at Arches National Park hiking and taking photos. It was a partly cloudy day, and I think it might have even rained a bit in the morning. By this time it was late afternoon, so we turned around to drive out of the park.

Suddenly, just before sunset, the sun suddenly completely emerged from behind the clouds. It turned the merely scenic ridge of rocks to our right into an astonishing wall of gold. What an amazing transformation! Needless to say, we rushed to get a few photos in before the incredible light faded again. It was an amazing moment.

Unfortunately, this was a photo from 2000 using a prehistoric film camera, before my first digital camera. The image had streaks and blobs visible throughout the sky, which I manually corrected in Paint.

I put my Picasa photo editing program to good use with these fixes: straighten, auto contrast, tuning, sharpen, crop, saturation, tuning and museum matte.

Now THAT is a memory, captured by a photo and improved by Picasa, that still takes my breath away.

Arches sunset glow original