Little Big Horn 1

The original photo only looks like it’s 100 years old! It is actually a scanned copy of a faded vacation photo. I snapped this photo in June 1988 at the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument in Montana. If you enjoy history, Wikipedia has a detailed explanation of the battle. Suffice to say that Lt. Col. Custer and the US 7the Cavalry were the losers. Crazy Horse and the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne and Arapaho nations were the overwhelming victors.

Looking at this picture brings back a lot of memories of visiting the battlefield. The battle did not seem that far away as we stood there in the heat listening to the guide.

The photo is important to me because it brings back memories of cherished family vacation and makes me reflect on life’s changes. With so many recollections wrapped up in the photo, I wanted to enhance it as much as I could.

I used these Picasa effects to minimize sun glare and brighten the photo: crop, saturation, sharpen, boost, tuning, vignette and museum matte. The photo now has stronger colors and better contrast, sort of creating the illusion of putting on sunglasses for a second look. There is a bit of a vignette shadow at the edges, which further enhances the colors.

The final picture will never be mistaken for a new digital photo, but it works for me.

Little Big Horn original