Bridge heart

Why go all the way to Paris to see its love bridge when you can check out this love bridge just across from Green Dragon, in Ephrata PA. Built in 1901, the bridge is no longer used for traffic. It is closed off and just leads to a meadow with cows. You can still walk on the bridge.

I just loved running my fingers over the double hearts that were so carefully scratched along the bridge top by childish hands holding pebbles. There was a lot of other graffiti along the bridge top too, but none as meaningful as the hearts.

I cropped and tilted the photo to an angle that I thought showed off the hearts and bridge angles best. Then I enhanced saturation and increased both light and dark tones. I also used Lomo-ish, which emphasizes the center while darkening the edges, and added a border. My goal was to make the double hearts very obviously the focal point of the photo.

No, I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece but I really do enjoy the photo a lot. It’s got a lot of heart!

Bridge heart original