Yellow butterfly with flowers 3

I saw a quote about snowflakes being winter’s butterflies. Ha! I will take the real thing, thank you.

I am fighting winter tonight by Picasa-ing my summer photos. It does make me feel better! That and staying inside on this cold New Year’s Eve.

This is one of my summer butterfly photos. My camera has a second delay when I click the shutter, so I have to try 5 or 6 times to get butterfly photos that are any good. This photo is one of my better shots.

I had fun working with the image to make it a little more interesting, a little more of a greeting card photo.

I used a lot of Picasa effects in combination. HDR-ish and posterize are the most obvious of the Picasa edits that I added. I also used saturation, crop, tuning, plus added a pale vignette and museum matte.

Enjoy this bit of summer!

Yellow butterfly with flowers original