Antique store black and white 3

This is another picture from my July visit to Lancaster County. I snapped this photo while I was waiting at a traffic light. I could have edited it into a pretty color photo, but I thought a black and white photo would be more interesting.

The image turned out to be very difficult to edit. Once I changed it to black and white, all the lighting problems became obvious. The shaded part of the porch kept coming out as very dark. The top half of the building was very light. There was a telephone pole on the right that threw a weird shadow.

I cropped the photo tightly, then used the graduated tint button to tone down the glaring roofs above the “Antiques” sign.

I also used posterize and comic book to bring out the subtle details in the brickwork and to highlight the window edges a bit more. I used a subtle vignette to give a dark edging to the photo.

I spent a lot of time adjusting the lighting since nothing I did was quite right. I finally did get a look that isn’t perfect, but seems to be the best overall lighting.

I like the final creepy result a lot. I don’t see any actual ghosts in the photo but it feels like one could tap me on my shoulder and say “boo.”

This is my first Halloween photo this year to add to my ever-growing annual collection. These spooky type photos are my absolute favorite editing projects.

Antique store original 700