Phila neonicity

Yes I just made up that word. Neonicity is what I get when I add Picasa’s neon effect to a photo of a dramatically designed city building. Sometimes I just need to make up a word to get the meaning I want.

This beautiful building happens to be the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia center city. It was constructed in 1873. It has some absolutely stunning public rooms inside the building too, but unfortunately it wasn’t open when we were there.

I wasn’t really able to get a large photo view of the building because there were too many people around. I did a quick click upwards at its elaborate entrance. It turned out to be a great pic for the neon effect since that works best on clearly defined lines and shapes.

I used these Picasa steps for the finished photo: sharpen, posterize, tuning, cross process, neon, comic book, museum matte, auto contrast and a final tuning.

Phila neonicity original