Phila downtown colorful

After returning from my exciting trip to Mexico, I took a more sedate trip to see family in Pennsylvania. I spent most of the time in Lancaster County but my wonderful friend Anne met me at 30th Street Station. Anne was my tour guide for a day in downtown Philadelphia. Another great day!

I hadn’t been to this part of Philadelphia in many years, so of course I took lots of photos. This shot is a view near City Hall looking toward the famous Clothespin sculpture by Claes Oldenburg (1976). The fountains at the bottom of the photo are actually very shallow and kids must love splashing in them during warm weather.

I hadn’t had a chance to play around with Picasa effects lately, so I wanted to have some fun. I turned the gray-toned pic at the bottom of this page into a much more colorful photo. (Apparently colorful Mexico is still influencing me!) The shading is not perfect but I really enjoy the muted yet warm tones I achieved in the edited photo.

I used a lot of Picasa features and was actually a little surprised they worked so well together. Sometimes making too many changes just leaves a mess. I used these edits: crop, sharpen, saturation, Lomo-ish, posterize, tuning, glow, straighten, comic book, HDR-ish, boost, vignette, museum matte, and re-crop.

Phila downtown colorful original 700