A malecon is simply a sidewalk or boardwalk. Lake Chapala’s malecon is a broad walkway along the lake. It is a popular place for strolling, finding a restaurant, or birdwatching.

There are occasional festivals there too, and the evening we were there was the final set-up day for that weekend’s festival.

Lake Chapala malecon

A walk along the malecon shows the two bell towers of Parroquia de San Francisco de Asís. They don’t match because at some point one of the towers crumbled and was rebuilt.

Cathedral towers

We ate at a wonderful restaurant called La Casita del Molcajete. Look at this meal! It starts inside of a large bowl made from volcanic stone. This one had large shrimp, cheese, green peppers, tomatoes and more, all cooked together. It looked delicious. I didn’t share it due to food sensitivities, but the baked fish I got was very good too.

Restaurant meal

Lake Chapala has a large variety of birds year-round, plus it is on a flight path that many north/south migrating birds use. There is a large birdwatching community in the area that takes advantage of the diversity of birds.

Lake Chapala birds

People do fish on the lake and eat what they catch, even though the lake is still recovering from high pollution levels.

Bird sanctuary boats

The Jesus Pescador statue is on an island by itself. A cement causeway was built for easy access to it from the malecon.

Jesus Pescador

Police often patrol the area, and we noticed that officers keep their faces covered. The black masks didn’t give me warm fuzzies.

Two motorcycle cops

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