One thing I loved about Mexico is that it is a country of entrepreneurs. We not only went to the touristy shops inside of Ajijic, we also checked out the local businesses, services and stores.

The largest store we saw was Walmart. A bus stop and a blooming jacaranda tree are out front. It was a pretty typical Walmart filled with shoppers and packed with superstore items.

Shopping Walmart

There are both large and small Mexican grocery stores. We were impressed by the Soriana store’s attractive displays and cleanliness.

Shopping Soriana supermarket

A nice little dog grooming business right next to the grocery store.

Dog groomer

If there is an empty spot by a main road, there is probably a small vendor set up there.

Roadside basket stall

Finding an empty spot with a big shady tree is a bonus.

Shopping locksmith

There are hot springs in the area? Build naturally heated pools, add some deluxe spa services, a water slide for the kids, a hotel, and you have a resort to please everybody. We stopped in to check it out but didn’t have time to partake. Next trip!

Group at hot springs