The Lake Chapala Society is located in Ajijic. It started in 1955 and gradually became the multi-faceted organization we see today. The Society’s mission is to serve everybody at Lake Chapala, including both locals and expats. It strives to provide members with valuable services, both large and small, and also to provide a sense of community to expats far from home.

The Society is in a very central, vibrant and attractive location. It is a large property with a grouping of buildings. One of the buildings houses an English library of mostly donated, mostly fiction books. Other buildings house classrooms, a round outdoor stage, and a separate kid zone.

LCS bookstore and monkey

The Society offers free weekly blood pressure checks on the pleasant patio below.

LCS patio

I got my blood pressure checked and the reading was very high. The retired doctor who took the reading said that high altitude can cause high blood pressure because the heart has to work harder. If I stayed at that altitude it would probably return to normal within 4-6 weeks.

Besides buildings, the property has a large shady garden with gravel walkways, benches, decorations, and tables with umbrellas. It is a perfect place to relax, meet friends and socialize.

LCS fish pond

The kids have their own building and gardens. Note the big kid with the straw hat in the photo below.

LCS kids area

It is a fun and attractive space, but also totally functional. The Society definitely eases the transition so the new expat can more quickly become comfortable in their adopted country.

LCS masks

Their web site is at