Ajijic sign 1

Ajijic is a centrally located, trendy and delightful market town along the shore of Lake Chapala. The Wednesday market is located in Ajijic, plus there are blocks of colorful artsy stores that are irresistible to tourists. The town is not very large so it’s easy to walk the entire area.

We traveled through Ajijic several times by car, but we really got to know the area when our host Earl dropped us three visitors off at the center square in Ajijic for a leisurely afternoon and dinner. Earl explained how to get a taxi and we managed to figure it out and get home.

We spent our time taking photos, strolling along the lake, shopping, dropping into an open house for sale, and eating at upscale restaurants. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and had a great day.

I have a lot of photos of this area, so I’m going to post them in parts. They are hard to organize so I will put them in the most logical order I can figure out!


This is Colon Street in Ajijic. Many tourist-type shops and businesses are along or close to this street.

Ajijic street

Ajijic has the most wonderful murals and brightly painted walls, below.

Ajijic Guginis mural

Ajijic store mural

Check out the fish on the wall below the pelicans!

Ajijic mural with birds and fish

John and me in front of a mural.

Ajijic Julia and John with mural

The tourist shops were mostly upscale jewelry, clothes and souvenirs, but some of them had strange things in them. This wall decoration is a little hard to see because it was in a dark corner with a shaft of light across it. It must have been a Day of the Dead decoration. A little creepy!

Day of dead wall decoration