This title is the limit of my Spanish…with Google’s help.

My sudden urge to speak Spanish has a special reason. We were driving by a gorgeous house for sale and noticed that it was open for viewing. We couldn’t resist stopping, even though the house was well out of anybody’s price range at $450,000. We were graciously told we could view the home and even take photos.

This house is so amazing that it made me say “Oh guau, hermosa.” I decided that it gets its very own blog entry since it is not only beautifully designed but has features typical to the area. So just enjoy its fabulousness below.

House 450 doorstep tiles

House 450 living room from stairs

House 450 brick vaulting

House 450 stained glass

House 450 patio

House 450 tile closeup

House 450 plant at patio

House 450 pool