Earl and John drove us around to look at the Lake Chapala “gringo” neighborhoods. All of the towns are laid out in a row along the northwestern shoreline of the lake, so it was difficult not to get the towns and neighborhoods confused. If I had thought ahead, I would have brought a map with me. However, the neighborhoods are similar enough that the difference is more location and price than styles.

Many of the houses we looked at were quite large and luxurious, but we looked at “normal” houses too.

I was really surprised at some of the expensive prices – maybe a result of strong US demand? However, real estate taxes are very low. I think this is the reason that buying is expensive but renting is more reasonable.

Below are some of the beautiful and interesting houses and neighborhoods that we saw. I had to also make a Part 2 because there were so many photos, and that will be posted next.

A lovely little contemporary house with spectacular landscaping.

House modern with colorful foliage

This type of apartment housing would be for local residents, not gringos. The kites in front are for sale along the side of the road.

Houses colorful with kites

You can see through this gate and house all the way to the lake view.

House white front gate

This house has only two bedrooms with a garage and casita or small detached guest house. However, the rooms are large and beautifully decorated. It has no lake view but does have a nice mountain view.

House peach with brick

This is the back of the peach house above. Notice the humungous white house at the top of the mountain? You can’t see it clearly other than it is basic white, but it is whimsically designed with large onion domes. It was for sale for years but now has a buyer.

House peach back with white hilltop house

Here is a close-up of the roofline of the top level of the massive white house. The lower levels just keep spilling down the mountain.

House Del Sol closeup

Gorgeous house all by itself up in the mountaintop, with an amazing lake view. You can see that the dry season has started.

House on a hilltop

This contemporary style house is all by itself right now, but it looks like a road has been blasted through the mountain leaving plenty of room for more homes.

House modern along mountain road