Deepart irises 1

You probably noticed that I am still using my much loved but out-of-date Picasa photo editing software. Since my 2017 New Year’s resolution was to find a replacement photo editor, I decided to google the interwebs and see what I could find.

This is how I stumbled onto Deepart. And it was too entertaining to resist.

Check it out at

It is lots of fun and couldn’t be easier – just enter your photo, then choose your style. Deepart’s assorted styles use algorithms to generate new photos based on your original photo.

The new designs can be closely based on the original photo, or can be very abstract and barely recognizable. You can even order a printed copy of your new photo if you like it.

If the wait is long, it will ask for your email address and email when the new design is ready. It displays a page showing your photos and the styles you chose.

Hint: double click the photo if it is only partially showing. It will show a complete photo on a new page.

Below are some fun test designs I generated, with the original photo first:

Deepart screen shot