Impressions of a flower garden 1

The Impressionists are a great inspiration for spring flower photos. Some easy editing will move your bland, over-exposed photo into fun new heights of creativity.

To get into a colorful mood, just google “Impressionist painters garden images” and scroll through the variety of bright paintings.

You can see that my completed Impressionist picture is not perfect — it has dark patches running through the bottom of the image. I will bear that in mind the next time I am at Duke Gardens and try to have only bright flowers and evenly green foliage in my photos.

Here are the Picasa steps I used:

  • Crop
  • Auto-contrast
  • Orton-ish
  • Neon
  • Comic book
  • Posterize
  • Saturation
  • Boost
  • Tuning

Impressions of a flower garden original