Trailmark lake in sepia

Sometimes photos bring back memories of a special time and place. Even if the photo is not very good it is worth trying to make it outstanding with some simple photo editing.

This is where the sepia tone fix is very useful.

For instance, I had scanned this rather old and somewhat faded photo from my photo album, below. It is from when we moved into a new housing development on the far southwest side of Denver, CO called Trailmark. If you could see a larger size of the original picture you would notice that some of the homes are not even finished yet.

What to do with such a photo? Use Picasa’s sepia tone fix, then increase the contrast. Now the problems with the photo have been nicely disguised plus it has a warm, aged look.

It’s now the perfect photo to enjoy getting nostalgic and wishing for younger days.

Trailmark lake original scanned