I lived in North Carolina for a long time before finally getting to the NC Zoo in October. I wish I hadn’t waited so long – it is amazing. And HUGE. It is the largest walking zoo in the world.

The zoo is divided into two major parts: North America and Africa, with an impressive aviary between them. If you enjoy zoos definitely go to their web site to check out the amazing amount of attractions there, then get there ASAP.

My friend Jill and I got there soon after it opened for the day and managed to get through most of it during our five hours there.

The good news is I snapped a lot of photos that day. The bad news is we were moving quickly, so most aren’t very good. Perfect for me to salvage them with some photo editing!

The original elephant photo below was extremely boring. I cropped it tightly and made it LOTS more interesting with these steps:

  • Sharpen
  • Neon (in beige)
  • Comic book
  • Orton-ish
  • Tuning
  • Drop shadow