My mother has a much more comprehensive knowledge of Lancaster County than I do, so one day we drove around and she showed me some areas I had forgotten. One place we visited was Weaver’s Mill Covered Bridge. It is 85’ long, 15’ wide and built in 1878. Even though it is wooden, it is wide enough and strong enough for cars to drive over it.

Traditionally you don’t give out locations of covered bridges because they are a favorite target for arsonists. However, the locations of Lancaster County covered bridges are all over the Internet on tourist web sites, so it is secret no more.

Weaver’s Mill Covered Bridge is tucked away in a valley and not so easy to find. It is also surrounded by farms and houses plus gets some local traffic over it, so hopefully there is enough activity around it to keep it safe.

The bridge is completely charming with its handmade solidness and old-fashioned appeal. Seeing it was really seeing a glimpse into the past.

As always, I had a great day driving around Lancaster County. And also as always, I improved my pics with Picasa. I used crop, straighten (lots of straighten!), auto-contrast, fine-tuning, sharpen, slight saturation increases, and double mat frames.





The farms around the bridge were gorgeous and beautifully maintained: