If you’re going to grow market crops, you need to find a way to sell them. In Lancaster County this necessity gives rise to all sorts of roadside stands selling fresh vegetables and flowers. They range from basic shelves, to farm carts, to glorified open sheds, to practically complete farmers markets.

I was able to snap quite a few photos of these constructions during my drive-by photo shoots. Unfortunately since I was usually snapping photos while driving, I frequently got only half of a produce stand in a photo.

However, I did get some enjoyable pictures and they are below. I love the scenes of colorful pumpkins, flowers and fall vegetables.

I am still using my favorite Picasa photo editing program. I generally used cropping, auto-contrast, sharpen and color saturation edits on most of the pictures to bring out the warm colors of the fall season. And as usual, I added frames.

Lancaster Sept 2016 Small Shelves with 3 Flowers.JPG