2000 Aspen trees winter 1 750

This is a photo from my first winter living in Colorado, when I was still rushing around taking pictures of everything. I snapped it somewhere around the continental divide, west of Denver.

I used Picasa’s auto-adjust, HDR-ish, posterize and also increased color saturation slightly to enhance the photo, above. Below is the original.

After doing all that I noticed that the top clump of bushes now looked like a sunken grave. (Maybe I watch too many crime shows?) I cropped out the “grave” and made a more horizontal composition. I like the final product.

I still miss the openness and big skies in Colorado even after living in North Carolina for 12 years. I live halfway down a small hill with tall loblolly pines all around, so I never seem to see a sunrise or sunset any more.

However, NC has its own scenic areas to photograph, plus it has southern cooking which is a whole topic by itself.

2000 Aspen trees winter original 750