Butchart Gardens small waterfall 1

Sad news…Google is no longer supporting Picasa. This means that I can keep using the Picasa program that is already on my computer, but there will never be any new updates. Someday it will stop working and that will be the end of it.

I will still have the photos on my computer but unless I saved the photos as JPGs, any edits I added using Picasa will be gone with the wind.

Picasa was the perfect photo editing and organizing program for non-professionals like me. It was easy to learn and simple to use.

I did some research online and it seems like the best replacement for Picasa will be Paint.net. It is a free photo editor that actually has more editing functions than Picasa.

Paint.net was originally developed as a replacement for the free Paint program that comes with the Windows software. I used the original Paint in conjunction with Picasa and by itself on many computer projects, so at least some of it will be familiar.

Paint.net apparently doesn’t have much photo organizing capabilities. I probably will have to figure out what to do about that eventually.

In the meantime, I plan to keep using Picasa while I am learning Paint.net and probably longer. It’s hard to give up an old favorite.

And now I need to think of a new name for Picasa World. Paint World sounds like a paint store…I’m not sure what I will do.

Anyway, in the grand tradition of Picasa World, above is a picture that I was able to create from the photo below, using Picasa. I guess there is no use listing the steps since you can no longer download Picasa to experiment!

Butchart Gardens small waterfall original 750