Lancaster July 2016 farm 1

I was sorting through photos from my July 2016 visit to Lancaster County, PA and thinking about what they all had in common: rural landscapes with sprawling fields and meadows. It suddenly seemed obvious that the photos are best viewed in a very horizontal format.

In other words, I think the best way to show off the flat scenery is in equally flat and extreme rectangles. That format concentrates on scenery and doesn’t waste pixels on unneeded sky and foreground.

With that concept in mind, below are my horizontal, extreme rectangle photos of midsummer Lancaster County.

As usual, I took these pictures while driving down back roads. But instead of having someone else drive me I was driving while snapping photos. That was challenging and I am not sure I want to try that again.

I used Picasa to adjust the contrast, crop the photos and add my favorite little frames.

Lancaster July 2016 dragon

Lancaster July 2016 field 1

Lancaster July 2016 farm 2

Lancaster July 2016 field 2

Lancaster July 2016 field 3

Lancaster July 2016 produce stand 1

Lancaster July 2016 wooden bridge