1999 Mesa Verde Cliff Palace 750

1999 Mesa Verde Cliff Palace 2 750

Mesa Verde and its cliff dwellings feel like they are very far away and isolated until you finally get there. Then you get into a 45 minute line of cars and RVs driving slowly across the sides of mountains to get to the visitor center. It is a very busy place.

The park has a variety of tours available based on your physical abilities. Needless to say, I took the easiest tour to Cliff Palace which was still not “easy”. There was hiking to get down to the cliff dwelling and a 32’ wooden ladder at the bottom to start the hike back up. There are other cliff dwellings that require more advanced hiking and crawling skills to access them.

The visitor center has an easy-to-get-to photography spot where I took photos of Cliff Palace. There is also a fairly interesting museum with artifacts from the park, plus the guides give a vivid picture of how the occupants lived.

The cliff dwellings are definitely worth the driving and hiking needed to get to them. You probably should check tours and times in advance of your visit so you won’t miss anything.