Grass CD cover shape

My favorite photographic hobby is to try to make an interesting picture out of a spectacularly boring photo. I think the attraction for this hobby is the challenge of all the different Picasa effects that I can play with.

It is easy and fun to enhance photos by sharpening details, heightening colors, darkening or lightening shadows, and cropping compositions. The challenge is in deciding whether to use an effect at all, how much of it to use, then the sheer fun of combining multiple effects over and over again to see what happens.

This photo was originally taken at Hopewell Furnace in PA. I liked the long walkway but it needed more interest. I used practically every Picasa effect at least once, especially HDR-ish, Orton-ish, posterize and comic book.

To complete the photo, I cropped the picture to a square shape to visually compress the elements and emphasize the T composition. I think it would make great CD cover art…for The Bluegrass Boys…The Grass Roots…New Grass Revival…you get the idea.

Hopewell Forge 700