Cattle at bridge 3

I grew up in Lancaster County, PA, about ¼ mile up the hill from this old bridge on Conestoga Creek. I think the bridge was built in the early 1920s. I’m not sure of the exact date and couldn’t find it on Google, but that is the time period similar bridges were built.

I must have walked over this bridge a thousand times and drove over it even more. My siblings and I fished underneath it and miraculously did not fall into its killer low head dam. None of us knew that if we fell into the dam area we would never get out of the swirling water.

We also jumped into the tranquil water further down from the dam, walking in the 6” of mud on the bottom or swimming. The water was whitish and opaque from agricultural fertilizers and chemicals, although it’s now cleaned up. Looking back, I can’t believe neighborhood parents let their kids anywhere near that polluted water.

Fully loaded trucks used to drive over this old bridge and school buses still do. The bridge shakes even when a car drives over it. The dark area running along the top of the bridge? That is not decorative, that is where the bridge is crumbling.

The bridge is scheduled to be torn down someday soon and will not be replaced since there is a newer bridge nearby (okay, newer means 45 years old).

This is my salute to the old bridge that was an important and ever-present part of my childhood.

The cattle in the photo? I just liked them.

I also used Picasa enhancements to make a more interesting photo.