Panel truck

This is my brother’s 1940s Ford panel truck. He has had it for about 30 years and has taken good care of it. He has worked on the engine and various other parts so that it still runs, although a bit loudly and roughly. He takes it out for a drive every now and then.

You’ll notice he has made some minor changes to it.

We had a weekend painting party back around 1990 when he decided that the cheapest way to paint the panel truck was just to buy a bunch of green colors and make an allover camouflage design. That has been a good decision – any time he has to fix a rust spot he can pick up any color of green paint and just cover up the problem.

The front grille was a blank painter’s canvas just waiting for a design. The mouth and fangs he added were a stroke of genius.

The “Fear this” license plate…well that’s just the truth when you see this vehicle in your rear view mirror coming up behind you.