Canada roses

Our Alaskan cruise stopped at Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC. This sumptuous garden started as a limestone quarry. As the stone was exhausted, the Butchart family transformed the quarry into a renowned floral display that almost a million people visit per year. It is on the list of National Historic Sites in Canada.

Both Victoria and Butchart Gardens were a delightful stop on our cruise. The gardens are exquisite and the manicured grounds couldn’t have been more of a contrast to Glacier Bay. Unfortunately we didn’t arrive until late afternoon, so I was rushing around taking as many photos as I could before dusk.

You can see how dark the original photo was, below. I experimented with some Picasa effects to brighten the photo. I also occasionally use the Polaroid frame just for fun, but in this photo it helps disguise how dark the photo really is.

The steps I used are below:

  • Crop
  • I’m feeling lucky
  • Fill light
  • Saturation
  • Vignette
  • Polaroid
  • Auto contrast
  • Auto color
  • Tuning to both darken shadows and lighten the photo slightly

AK pix 7-15-06 439