Another local attraction that my friend Anne and I visited was the Byers Choice doll making workshop in Chalfont, PA. So cute!

We toured the displays and were able to spend some time watching the artisans actually making the dolls. There is not an assembly line, instead, each doll maker is at a worktable and completes only a small number of a particular figurine at a time. Watching the skilled workers fashion each tiny detail was fascinating and hypnotic. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to photograph the work area.

Byers has been in business since the 1960s and is particularly known for its Carolers figurines. The location has exhibits with hundreds of Carolers and other dolls in various presentations and poses. Below are photos showing the entrance and some of the painstakingly created scenes.

Byers Choice entry

Byers Choice doll scene 1.jpg

Byers Choice doll scene 2

Byers Choice doll scene 3

What a fun place for kids…of all ages.