I have been out of town visiting family for three weeks and have enjoyed the lovely warm weather in PA instead of NC. I finally got home to Raleigh a few days ago in time for the bad weather today, which so far has included thunder, heavy rains and flooding.

The rain was so torrential today that I took a picture of my backyard. There is rarely more than a bit of water flowing back there even in heavy rain, but it was almost a river for a while:

My backyard 12 30 2015

The rain brought out an unusual visitor this afternoon: a small deer (must be a raindeer) came running by and hid behind a tree. My camera just happened to be on the table by the window, so I managed to get a quick photo from inside before it took off again:

My backyard 12 30 2015 w deer

You can just see the deer hiding behind the big tree on the left. I wish I had managed to get a less fuzzy picture but I’m happy I got it at all.

Next item to brighten up my second to last day of 2015: I’m going to make hot sausage-sweet potato-spinach soup. Happy 2016 to us all!