As we continued on our long strange trip, Idaho turned out to be unexpectedly beautiful. We knew little about Idaho so we drove through looking for potato fields – and all we could see was lovely scenery and log homes. Galena Summit along Route 75 was so beautiful we had to stop the car and spend some time just staring:

2002 Yellowstone trip Galena Pass 750

In the evening we checked in at a hotel and they asked us if we would like a room facing the river. We said sure, that sounds nice – when we opened the curtains there was a crazy roaring river about 20 feet away from the back of the hotel, full to the top of the banks. I was glad we were on the second floor in case it crested overnight.

I wasn’t too thrilled to find out that our complementary morning breakfast was just a donut, but what a donut. It was as big as big as a wagon wheel and incredibly light and fluffy. Best donut ever.

Below is the scenic river we almost ended up in when a car came flying around one of those riverside curves and missed our back bumper by just a few inches. That person’s car ended up upside down in the river. Fortunately this river was really shallow and she wasn’t hurt. We were extremely lucky we weren’t part of that accident. I had just taken this photo about a minute before that scary incident. I think this is the Snake River:

2002 Yellowstone trip Idaho 750

We carefully drove southwest through Idaho to our next destination: Craters of the Moon National Monument.