After leaving Yellowstone, we first stopped by Bozeman MT and the American Computer Museum. I don’t have pictures from that part of the trip, but definitely stop by the American Computer Museum if you’re in the area. If you’re of a certain age there will be prehistoric-looking computer equipment that you’ll remember using, and it won’t seem like it was all that long ago (but unfortunately it was). The museum also has some very interesting technology exhibits.

We left spring behind and headed north to the first-ever international park: Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. It consists of Glacier National Park in the United States and Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada. The parks are independent but were symbolically joined in 1932.

Thank goodness we headed to Canada after we checked into a hotel and had the luggage already out of our car! We were stopped by the border police and absolutely grilled by a grim-faced officer as to where we were going and how long we planned to stay and what was in the car and why. I’m sure if we had luggage with us they would have made us open everything. As it was, we just had some day packs and two cameras, which matched our story of a one day visit. Coming back was equally nerve wracking.

The park was basically deserted because only the lower roads were open. Since we were there in May, Going-to-the-Sun Road running over the mountains between east side and west side was still snowed shut. We were able to take some glorious photos on the east side, then had to take a road through a valley to get to the west side.

The climates are very different on each side of the continental divide that runs through the park. The western side received more rainfall and therefore more snow, and the eastern side has higher winds and more sun. Each side of the park has its own weather forecast.

I am not sure which sides the photos below were taken on, except the photo of the lodge is McDonald Lodge on the southern shores of Lake McDonald. It is about 3,150 feet above sea level.

I had to scan in every photo from this trip because the photos were from pre-digital days. My trusty Picasa free imaging program was essential in transforming these faded photos into some gorgeous views:

2002 Yellowstone trip Glacier mountains 750

2002 Yellowstone trip Glacier west waterfall 750

2002 Yellowstone trip Glacier west scenery 750

2002 Yellowstone trip Glacier east river 750

2002 Yellowstone trip Glacier east river wide 750

2002 Yellowstone trip Glacier Alberta 750

2002 Yellowstone trip Glacier east hotel 750